Mehra’s Group of Institutes Bangalore

Admissions Policy Our admissions policy is to encourage the enrolment of students who have the potential to acquire a broad range of complex, new skills to master, an extensive body of advanced knowledge and above all, to undergo a period of rigorous tutelage, intellectual development culminating in the award of a university qualification. The Smt. Mehras Group of Institutions welcome applications from prospective students regardless of complexion, ethnic or national origins, race, religion, gender, physical disability and political or religious beliefs and activities, unless these activities are unlawful or contrary to the policies of our college.

Education is an investment in the human resource development and all future development essentially revolves around the quality of the human resource. Life at Smt. Mehras Group of Institutions is a cosmopolitan, convenient and contemporary.

Students are required to be on time for classes and regular in attendance.
75% attendance in each subject is expected ot" every student. Attendance cannot be claimed as a right for hospitalization or by doctors certificate.
Attendance is compulsory for all the tests and terminal examinations.
Mobile Phones/iPods/Electronic devices of any kind is not permitted inside the campus, in case it is detected, it will be confiscated and will never be returned, and pleadings/ requests of any sort will not be entertained.
The students are hereby informed to wear the uniform as instructed by the management.
The Smt. Mehras Group of Institutions, reserves the right to make any change in the regulation of fees charged, regulation affecting students attendance etc., and make any suitable modification in any matter incidental or ancillary thereto, should there be deemed necessary, in the interest of the students, the college or the profession.
Any damages caused inside the premises of the college (Building walls, window panels. computer labs, science labs, sports materials, musical instruments. furniture, electrical appliances, water filter, etc.) the relative amount will be collected from the students concerned.
Tuition Fees should be paid on time. Delayed payment will attract penalty.
Fees once paid is not refundable. Even in case of a student's failure/termination or withdrawal from the college, no refund of fee will be made.
The management is not responsible for any loss in terms of cash or books or any costly ornaments etc., of the students inside the college premises.
We totally banned the usage of High speed two Wheelers which create noise and air pollution in and around the college campus. Such students will summarily be dismissed.