English Course For Foreign Students
English course
The English Language course is for students who wish to pass the TOEFL examination. The course has been designed to teach students from the very basics of the language and to not only speak, read and write but also to understand the English Language. The course duration is one year and will include all aspects of the English language. At the successful completion of this course, you should be able to know TOEFL format and key words required to prepare for test, recognize writing skills necessary to do TOEFL, recognize reading skills necessary to do TOEFL, recognize listening skills
necessary to do TOEFL, recognize speaking skills necessary to do TOEFL, practice these skills under simulated timed test constraints, develop strategies to prepare for TOEFL TEST.

Structure (Grammar) Assignments, Reading, Practice Tests, Speaking, Writing. The faculty who will deliver this course is headed by Mr. Philip, E. Herbert, the Dean of the institute who has 30 years teaching experience, 15 years of which have been in India teaching Indian and overseas students. He is supported by a dedicated team of teachers who also have many years of teaching experience and who have lived abroad for many years. The course will also include a module on achieving a ‘neutral accent’. i.e., the student will reduce their MTI and speak with a clear and easily understood tone.