MIM Bangalore

Our students are provided with a top class campus with ease of accessibility with WIFI, a separate academic personal email and webpage that enables both students and parents to monitor their attendance, with personalinformation and examination results as well as access to power point presentations and notes by the lecturers. Students are enabled to watch lectures through youtube video format as well as access to 5 international libraries to aid their studies and research. Students can download examination papers from our college website. There isalso a chat facility to allow for communication between their peers. Our innovative methods allow

We pride ourselves in the fact that our students should go onto to make a mark therefore we regularly organize industrial visits and also send our students for placements with MNCs. Even after graduation we take care of our student's future, with our HR department aiding students to gain employment by campus recruitment hosted my MNCs. Our students keep up with today's modern, fast paced world.