Theater :
Art, culture, drama, dance, music, ballet, singing and other forms bring out creativity of an individual. The colleges encourage students to have clubs that can act as a forum to plan for training and performances.
Communication Center
Another innovative feature in an education campus is the Central Communication Center, will offer a one stop common facility to all faculty, researchers and students to avail the infrastructure and support for making presentations, developing documents for internal and external use. This Center will have adequate secretarial staff, well trained in the area of writing letters, taking prints, giving research support, maintaining confidentiality and will be trained to independently correspond with external agencies, to keep track of all
communication with internal and external agencies, to save time and effort of academicians.

This Center will have high-end computers with supporting software, colour printers, colour photocopying machine and a photographer / videographer. Student volunteers, specially selected and trained to act as special runners will also respond and assist visitors coming into the campus for campus visit.